Sign the Petition to Stop the CON CON

1. Sign the Petition to Stop the CON CON

Tweet This petition is to the NH Legislature.
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Ted Cruz

Tweet IMPORTANT NOTE: All posts about prominent political figures or candidates reflect facts gleaned from various sources for informational purposes only as it pertains to issues of importance to teapartiers....

The Men Behind the Article V Convention

Tweet Find out why an Article V Convention, in this day and age, is NOT a good idea. If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

Will NH Listens Invade Your Town in May?

Tweet NH Listens, the PR firm of the Carsey Institute, will attempt to co-opt educational decisions in these towns and cities on the following dates. Please read on below for WHY you must attend if you...

Granite State Progress Still Suffering...

Tweet Well, what do you know. Must be the full moon, because Granite State Progress is up to its old tricks again, telling lies and talking trash. You all remember that Soros-funded, far left group, Granite...

Accusations of Soros Linked to JBS are...

Tweet Accusations suggesting that the JBS is colluding with George Soros to stop a Constitutional Convention are completely and utterly false. Falsehoods Mark the Campaign for a Constitutional Convention By...

National Association for Gun Rights...

Tweet Recently Virginia Democrat Delegate Mark Sickles said he would use an Article V Constitutional Convention (more aptly named “Con-Con”) to “start whacking away” at our Constitution. Mark...

Defeat SB 136 and HCR 2 in NH Senate

Tweet The push is on to defeat the call for an Article V Convention in NH. Out-of-state lobbyists from Cenk Uygur’s WolfPAC and the Convention of State Project are working together in NH to get the...

Dangers of Article V Convention with...

Tweet If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

Is Your State Rep Putting the...

Tweet DEFEND, DON’T AMEND! Please write to your state representatives in NH and ask they do more research before supporting the call for an Article V Convention. Ask them to SUPPORT HCR 1 which is...

Sign the Petition to Stop the CON CON

Tweet This petition is to the NH Legislature.

Three Serious Issues

Tweet For now it seems that Obama’s amnesty travesty has been foiled. According to this article, fighting the judge’s decision to stop his push will be a ‘lengthy process’. We can...

Debate on Article V Convention

Tweet Jim Rubens and Hal Shurtleff debate the dangers of the Article V Convention on this morning’s Girard at Large show. Here it is in two audio files. Part 1 and Part 2

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Granite State Progress Still Suffering From Foot in Mouth Disease