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Dark Money—Not the Grassroots—Is Behind the Convention of States Organizations

Tweet Publius Huldah recently wrote an article that will be a useful weapon in the battle against the Convention of States Project. The bottom line is that despite COS President Mark Meckler’s claiming his money comes from small donors, his tax-exempt Form 990s, filed with the IRS under penalty of perjury, prove that almost 2/3 […]

The Definition of Insanity

Tweet by Regina Barnes, Hampton The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over again and expecting different results. Why is it that NH republicans believe that creating more unconstitutional legislation is the only way to battle the democrats? It never works, but merely makes it more tedious and unaffordable for everyday […]

Mean Tweets

Tweet We are surprised to see good conservatives still supporting reality show character Donald Trump and sending around memes about his “mean tweets”. Characterizing Trump’s Twitter activity as merely “mean tweets” is not a reflection of the beliefs of the conservatives we thought we knew… Trump was not removed from Twitter for merely posting “mean […]

Happy 14th Birthday, Teaparty!

Tweet The REAL teaparty will celebrate 14 years in existence from the day we tossed boxes with issues written on them into the waters of the USA!

Update on Article V Convention

Tweet More from Publius: This year we helped defeat applications in SD, MT, VA, WY, MD, WV (Convention of States), ND, HI, ME, MN, CT, and LA; other states’ applications died in 2021, but will come back to life in 2022. And there are a few states with applications still pending this year. In fact, […]

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