Factoid: NHTPC was the ‘first in the nation’ for state tea parties. It was the first ‘statewide’ tea party coalition formed sometime in 2007. We held a huge teaparty for Ron Paul in Pembroke, NH on February 25, 2007 that attracted 400 peopole. We were also participants in the first multi-state tea party on December 16, 2007 at Faneuil Hall in Boston, which Rick Santelli later referred to in his famous rant when he said he would do the same thing (toss tea boxes in the water) at Lake Michigan. We do not receive funding from anyone.

Trevor Lyman put up the first website for teaparty07.com which looked a lot like this flyer…

The First Mult-State Tea Party was on December 16 2007

Below are news clips and videos of the event which took place all over the country… Now you can see why Rick referred to the lake when he said even HE might stage a ‘tea party’… (he wasn’t talking about the GOP groups that hijacked the name in 2009)

Here is the local 2007 event in Boston at Fanueil Hall… with our own NH Senator Jim Forsythe speaking about who sends us to war… (hint: it’s not congress)

From NH to California people ‘teapartied’ with yellow flags and fife and drum corps.

And here is the Revolution March to DC which took place a year later on July 12 in 2008…

So you can see that the original authentic teaparty movement is now coming up on its 17th birthday in December of 2023!

We are not affiliated with any of the ‘national’ groups that started up in 2009, and any money you send to them does not benefit us. We are a movement, mainly about issues, and will continue to work on a volunteer basis, within the state of NH. No one in DC speaks for us.

To get our eBlast visit our CONTACT PAGE and add
webmaster (at) nhteapartycoalition.org to your allowed list.


We are not affiliated with any media outlet, political party, lobbyist group, astro-turf group, or national group calling itself a ‘teaparty’. What you read in the papers is mostly misinformation. The GOP has not asked to absorb us, nor have we asked for them to absorb us. Our relationship with all political parties is cordial but separate. We would never join a group that has hijacked the teaparty name, while supporting illegal immigration or an Article V Convention, the ruse to install a new, progressive constitution.

We are unique to NH and consist of NH individuals who support our philosophy of limited government and constitutionality. We receive no funding from any source. We do not raise money or endorse candidates although some candidates may choose to speak to people at our events. Our sole purpose is to educate and organize.

If you already signed up at the April 15th 2009 teaparty in Manchester where we were 4,000 strong, there is no need to sign up again, unless you are not getting messages for some reason. Note: AOL, NetZero, and JUNO users — your ISP is notorious for bouncing emails. Fairpoint is now also affected. If you still wish to get our messages, please use a reliable ISP.

If you believe that government is out of control and that it should not be taking over private businesses, bailing out banks, taxing ‘carbon’ for a global purpose, or controlling us via our education or health care, the food supply, or bodies of water, and that we should investigate the federal reserve, then you are with us. You can read more about the history of the new tea party movement here.

Unlike the far left progressives who pay their ‘volunteers’ with outside money (SEIU, ACORN, NHDP, HCAN, OFA, etc), we are all volunteers. We simply believe that our country is undergoing the most egregious socialist takeover in history and it MUST STOP.

Recently we read a comment from someone who stated that since the teaparties were funded by Freedom Works, the tea parties would go away just as soon as the funding dried up. This was quite amusing. We get no funding from Freedom Works or anyone else. We do not have paid staff. Our work is done totally by volunteers.

Remember, the teaparty started on December 16, 2007 with Ron Paul supporters who tossed crates of tea into harbors all across the USA, then gathered on the lawns in DC on July 12, 2008, about 10,000 strong. Because of Paul’s connections to people like Peter Schiff and Rick Santelli who both worked in the financial sector, Santelli went on his ‘rant’ on TV, stating that he was so upset with the flailing market that even he too would stage a teaparty at Lake Michigan, ostensibly to do what we had done in December of 2007. And thus is how the concept caught on to the general public, NOT through the groups that hijacked the name in 2009.

There is nothing required of individuals to become ‘members’ other than supporting our teaparty goals and principles. There is nothing required of members who sign up for the eblast other than we ask you to spread the word, get educated, get active, and don’t give up.

Basic Agreement of Individual Groups…

1) The Coalition was formed to demonstrate the wide support for the tea party ‘movement’ from a number of NH groups of all types. (About 50) There are no anointed leaders or job titles. Every group has its own rules and functions on its own as it would. Their membership in this Coalition merely shows support for the general movement. We are not affiliates of any of the so-called national groups that have sprung up after the fact, and we do not get funding from them or anyone.

2) The Coalition does not endorse candidates but focuses on issues and activism. The eBlast that is sent to people who sign on never promotes candidates. When people sign up, it is always suggested that they join one of the groups in their area as well. We also do NOT share their email addresses with campaigns or any other organization.

3) The Coalition does not accept funds as a Coalition. (Koch conspiracy theorists won’t be happy to hear that fact but it’s a fact)

4) The Coalition will remain cordial but SEPARATE from the GOP while working on issues of common interest. We have no desire to take over, be overtaken by or merge with the GOP despite the fact that many of our individual members may be part of the GOP or any other political party. We also do not want to form a third party.

5) The Coalition plans and shares events of all the groups and sometimes plans events together. One person from each group represents that group at the Coalition. If that representative gets elected to office, or goes to work for pay for a candidate, they are required to send a different person to represent their groups to our planning sessions/mailing list.