UN Peace Dove Unmasked – UN Day October 24

by Russ Payne

Open Letter to Congress and their employer, “we the people”, in lead-up to UN Day on October 24, 2019…..

Is October 24th, UN Day truly a reason for celebration? Or has there been a cloud of disinformation supporting a giant fraud, on the outside, with an image of world peace that deceives a world longing for peace? The Democrat/Republican establishment view since the UN creation in 1945, together with lockstep media deception tells us to celebrate UN Day that true history reveals, should be called a Day of Shame.

Here I’ve targeted Congress and both Republican and Democratic Administrations with blame for creating this internal “fifth column” marching toward world government. But remember, co-responsibility for bad government policy is a convicting reflection pointing back to our face in the mirror. Because disinformation has easily deceived both an uninformed citizenry, most of our choices for Congress have represented anti-American foreign policy. True representation of American Independence has been pushed aside by the majority, there has been too few to stand in the gap against this internal threat to our liberty.

The remedy is for both citizens and leaders to seriously study our nations birthing documents. Follow Jefferson’s wisdom:

“Educate and inform the whole mass of people…they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

Self education is the only trust to insure true education. Search for the founding premise for our nation as compared to the founding of the UN. Open minds challenged by my words must set aside all the disinformation of rewritten history they have been taught in government schools and colleges promoting globalism. Read and study the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence for the truth our liberty is based on. Going back to the original intent of our Founders for truth that has been buried about the miracle of Americanism that has given us more liberty than any people who have ever walked the face of the earth.

Bipartisan congressional failure to challenge this internal threat to our liberty for five decades has protected this Trojan horse, for it has become a sacred cow immune from criticism in too many minds. My questions to Congress, initially hand written in the 1960’s, later by typewriter to word processors and now sent through emails, still remain unanswered. It seems like the “Orwellian Ministry of truth” has programed acceptable opinion. From where does this mysterious power behind the scene come from? Congress must be asked: why have they followed the Council on Foreign Relations blueprint for world government, the UN Charter, more than the the blueprint for liberty, the U.S, Constitution for 74 years?

As you look into our nations birthing documents, a thorough study of them along side the UN Covenant of Human Rights of 1948 and 1966 and the UN Charter will reveal a primary tragic flaw (one of many) that supports my contention that the UN is an enemy of American liberty. Study deeply Jefferson’s words, “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.” What does that mean to you? Does it not mean that the source of human rights is God our Creator? Why have we strayed from this eternal wisdom the only foundation of liberty? Why have we forgotten the challenge to eternal tyranny in the Bill of Rights: “Congress shall make no law against these rights that come from Almighty God?” This is the philosophy of Americanism straight from our Creator , the author of liberty.

Now, I ask you to study the UN source of human rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s easy to see its deceptive premise which is completely opposite the eternal wisdom of the Declaration’s foundation of Americanism. Oh yes, they recognize basic human rights with words. However, after they grant each right , the text soon after claims the right of government to abolish these rights according to law. And they do.

Check out the teachings of Sun Tzu, Chinese Philosopher who lived 500 BC, that are the foundation strategies of Soviet Psychological Warfare targeting the American mind to “choose peace” since WWII.

Yes we have peace, peace on UN terms; forcing the peace of the graveyard, the enslavement of Marxism on one war torn nation after another. Our vulnerability as American’s is: we do not know ourselves, “our history”, and we do not know our enemy. In both cases we have failed. Sun Tzu predicts our planned destiny for want of this knowledge : The ultimate in warfare is not to defeat the enemy on the battlefield, but to get the enemy to lay down their weapons.” And we have!

Fortunately there has been a remnant in Congress throughout the years that have stood tall against the majority. As cancer needs radical surgery to remove it , so we must remove the UN from the US and get us out of the UN. I challenge all readers both in Congress and citizens to refute my claim that the UN is an enemy to American Independence and liberty . We can’t have one without the other. Forthcoming letters will bring more unanswered questions to challenge all who are unaware of this UN war against our liberty and independence, that thus far Congress has failed to care enough to answer for 50 years.

Many will find we are victims of the wit of Will Rogers words: “What we think we know, ain’t so.”