Ongoing Projects

These are current, ongoing projects. Please email ( and hit ‘reply’ if you get a spam message) or call us (471-0138) and we will put you in contact with the point person for each working group.


1 – Uncovering voter fraud in New Hampshire, particularly during the recent elections

2 – Fighting back Common Core and other educational scams, consultants, and NGOs in the New Hampshire schools

3 – Redress of grievance petition to remove 189 NH legislators for violation of our second amendment rights

4 – Fighting illegal, regional governance, currently being imposed by unelected boards using federal tax money

5 – Working to preserve the Right to Know, under RSA 91-A

6 – Supporting the Right to Work


Researchers are needed to..

1 – Gather information on federal, state and local issues

2 – Compile event listings