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The Bundys – A True Story

Tweet Please pray that those who remain incarcerated will be set free, including our own Jerry DeLemus. Direct link:

From Chemtrails to Common Core, The Conway Daily Sun Gets it Right — Almost

Tweet In today’s edition of the Conway Daily Sun, you can read all about some of NH’s most ardent anti-government activists. From chemtrails to Common Core, and even a mention of the beloved Charlotte Iserbyt, Our Lady of the Whistleblowers, the Sun almost gets it right, but errs when they include folks like Harvard Professor […]

Girl Wakes Up, Burns Obama Shirt

Tweet Now if only a few million others would get it as well.

Benn Swann on Racism and Gun Control

Tweet The brilliant reporter Ben Swann debunks Danny Glover’s claim that our Founders included the second amendment in order to protect them from a slave uprising by people of color. The great thing is, Swann shows he is a true tea party patriot when he opens his segment with text that reiterates the same three […]

Defiant county official refuses to hand over list of gun owners to newspaper

Tweet In an update to an earlier story, we were pleased to read that Putman County Clerk (New York) Dennis Sant refused to hand over the names of gun owners to the Journal News because he knows they have already endangered thousands of gun owners and non-gun owners alike by printing their locations in Westchester […]

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