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Ted Cruz

Tweet IMPORTANT NOTE: All posts about prominent political figures or candidates reflect facts gleaned from various sources for informational purposes only as it pertains to issues of importance to teapartiers. IT IS NEVER TO BE CONSTRUED AS AN ATTACK nor an ENDORSEMENT of these individuals. The teaparty does not run, fund, or endorse candidates. Candidates […]

Acclaimed National Journalist Investigating Bill Greiner

Tweet This story, which has a long history, highlights the importance of local elections. A lot happens there in NH, so you’d better get out to vote this week on both ballot box voting days and town meetings. (March 11-13) APPARENTLY, BILL GREINER’S BEHAVIOR HAS LED TO MAJOR FOIA REQUEST BY NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST […]

Dinesh D’Souza Comes Out AGAINST the Article V Convention (Con Con)

Tweet Tonight, right here in New Hampshire at Dartmouth College, libertarian Dinesh D’Souza (an Indian immigrant who is now a citizen) debated 1960′s radical terrorist education industry activist William Ayers. We listened online and here is commentary on part of what we heard… During the debate a question about the Article V Convention came from […]

Things You Never Knew About Senator Ted Cruz

Tweet We came across this article about Ted Cruz and his connections to the CFR and the war lobbies. This got one of our more alert tea party leaders thinking and he was inspired to write an article which includes the link to the above, as well as others like it. Thinking. What a concept! […]

GOP Pacs Making Money Off IRS ‘Scandal’

Tweet GOP Pacs are making money from the IRS ‘scandal’ and they’re doing it in the name of the “tea party” An interesting article is floating around the internet. Quoted from it is this about Jenny Beth Martin, self-described “tea party” leader of a DC-based lobbying group known as Tea Party Patriots: “At the national […]

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