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Yes You Have a Choice

Tweet Unhappy or even horrified at the prospect of a Trump vs Hillary race in the general election for president? Well yes, you do have another choice. Meet the truly CONSERVATIVE, self-made, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, fondly known as “Governor No”. He has been called the most sane and conservative candidate in 2016. […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Take Off Your Goodie Good Two Shoes

Tweet by Anita Hoge Learn about the data mining of Sen. Ted Cruz’s psyche team. Christians especially and all other American citizens should be fuming. So, let’s get this straight. If you are a conservative and are fearful about the direction of this country, you are “neurotic.” If you are a gun owner, you are […]

Cruz: If Obama Can Do It, So Can I

Tweet by Diane Kepus Editor’s Note: We’ve written before about Ted Cruz and His Less Than Desirable “Friends” but here is an in depth examination of the men behind the man. Recently I was involved in a weekend conference and a very nice young lady heard me in a discussion about Ted Cruz. The young […]

Marco Rubio is Wrong on Con Con

Tweet Sue Long of Virginia recently had this letter published in USA Today. Senator Rubio was one of the “Gang of Eight” that advocated for open borders and amnesty for illegals. Sen. Marco Rubio has called for a constitutional convention to draft amendments to balance the federal budget and impose term limits on Congress. Letter […]

Chris Christie

Tweet Not that it will help his failing campaign for the presidency, The New Hampshire Union Leader, once a bastion of conservatism in the Granite State, has endorsed yet another rotten egg for president. CHRIS CHRISTIE IS WRONG ON COMMON CORE Emmett McGroarty is the executive director of APIA Education and has graded Christie on […]

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