Dark Money—Not the Grassroots—Is Behind the Convention of States Organizations

Publius Huldah recently wrote an article that will be a useful weapon in the battle against the Convention of States Project. The bottom line is that despite COS President Mark Meckler’s claiming his money comes from small donors, his tax-exempt Form 990s, filed with the IRS under penalty of perjury, prove that almost 2/3 of his funding over a 3-year period of time came from major donors, who gave the Meckler Organizations $100,000 to $300,000 or more, on average!

Here is a link to “Dark Money—Not the Grassroots—Is Behind the COS Organizations.”

And here’s the 4-page “Dark Money…” flyer for distribution, as well.

These major groups have spent time, effort, and tens of millions of dollars trying to get their hands on our Constitution. It’s amazing that we’ve managed to beat them back for 8 years, with no resources—except truth, logic, and our love for the Constitution.