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Events are put on by NHTPC, our supporting groups, or other groups we feel have something of interest to offer or information you need to know. A few may be social but included so that new activists can meet others. Send your event to (Hit “reply” to spam filter message to override it.)

NOTE: Some of these events span a good two or three months so please note the extended dates in the title.

Granite State Future is HUD’s “Agenda 21” plan for a “sustainable” NH. It is similar to every other plan in every other state in the nation. If you are interested in keeping on top of what these central planners are attempting to do with HUD money to alter your town’s planning and zoning regulations, you cannot just depend on what is posted on the Granite State Future website. You must do all the following things:

1) Check the Granite State Future website for upcoming ‘listening sessions’ about ‘master plans’.

2) Find your town’s Regional Planning Commission and see when they are holding meetings. If you don’t know what region your town falls in, use the flip menu at Granite State Future.

3) Check your town’s website for Planning and Zoning Board meetings, and meeting agendas so you can attend those where these GSF ‘master plans’ are being discussed.

4) Let us know of any meetings regarding GSF Master Plans we have not listed.

5) Please visit and for more info on where this is all coming from and how you can stop it.

Listen to Ed Naile, Chairman of the CNHT, talk about his working group on voter fraud, each Wednesday morning on Girard at Large WLMW 90.7FM. The archives are on the front page of

Public education has been taken over by the federal government along with consultants from the education industry and the wealthy corporate foundations. This includes “charter” schools as well. To keep up with the abuse that is going on in our public schools, please visit


Please check out the great training sessions at Defensive Strategies

The Women’s Defense League of NH (WDLNH) currently hosts all classes at Wilson Hill Pistol Club in Manchester on the second Sunday each month beginning at 1:00 PM unless otherwise noted.

See an updated list of all WDLNH Events here:

Monthly Merrimack Valley Porcupines meetup takes place each FIRST SATURDAY of the month at Area 23, 875 Page St., Manchester. Please try to park on the right side (as you’re facing the front doors) of the building. There are two doors; use the one on the right side, and walk up to the second floor. Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM.  Group hosts are Kevin Bloom and Kirk McNeil.

You can also check out the various monthly meetings of local 912s, tea parties, and other organizations at their own Meetups and Websites as we do not always list them all for each month. See the links at the right of this page.

Note: If you gave us your email address at the tea party in 2007-2008, or, at the original April 15th Tax Day Tea Party in Manchester in 2009 or 2010 or later you will be getting notices containing details about the above events. If not, it’s likely that the address was not legible on the paper and you should resend it. If an email bounces, it will be taken off the list. Please check your spam filters if you are not receiving the eBlasts to allow email from to get through.

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