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Want to Drain the Swamp?

Tweet The dirty (open) secret of influence peddling and one way to fix it. The current regulations governing the funding of federal campaigns disenfranchises and disillusions those eligible to vote, and fosters the view that our elected senators and representatives owe their loyalty to whatever special interest submits the highest bid. When running for federal […]

Time to End Our 14 Year Middle East Misadventure

Tweet Time to End Our 14 Year Middle East Misadventure Written by Hon. James W. McConnell (R-NH) First published at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity on Wednesday July 5, 2017 The United States invaded Iraq in March, 2003. Over the ensuing fourteen years we’ve done nothing of significance that hasn’t proven counterproductive. […]

Globalist Paul Ryan and the Aspen Institute

Tweet Reprint of an article from 2012 about Paul Ryan, who is vying for Speaker of the House in 2016. Institute graduate Ryan spoke at Soros’s “non-partisan” Aspen Institute confab in 2015. (Although he has since had his name scrubbed from the page.) The Aspen Institute is sort of an American Bilderberg. In addition to […]

Dissecting the Iran Agreement

Tweet Rejecting the Iran agreement will cause the US further isolation by Jim McConnell The Iran Agreement is in America’s best interest and represents an opportunity for our country to extricate itself from a region of the world that the record makes clear we don’t begin to understand. The Iraq War, identified in advance by […]

How about some Tea?

Tweet by Kathy Dunton I get annoyed every time I hear the Tea Party being talked about like they are a bad thing. This time, last year, I began to campaign for a seat on the School Board. I carried with me handfuls of school bus yellow bookmarks with my ‘platform’ and contact information, and […]

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