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What We Learned at the People’s Climate March

Tweet Our cohorts at Americans for Prosperity expose the ignorance that is rampant among those who have swallowed the climate hoax. They have no idea that the hoaxers want them dead, not alive.

Cantorburied: Time for Papa Smurf to Let Go

Tweet In a widely publicized May 2014 article Time to let go of Tea Party puppy love, John E. Sununu, patriarch of the Sununu political dynasty, or, “Papa Smurf” as the grassroots fondly refers to him, continued his smug appraisal and complete dismissal of the movement known as the tea party. From the day we […]

Who Rules Us? Required Reading for All Tea Partiers

Tweet Who Rules Us? Required Reading for All Tea Partiers — and those who still believe in the two- party system. Read Ann-Marie Slaughter’s Book “A New World Order” which is essential if you wish to understand who really rules us. On a lighter note, Jimmy Kimmel REALLY roasted Barry Sotoero at this “despicable […]

Social Justice for Cops – Poopsters Unite!

Tweet Poopsters Unite! Occupy and Poop!

Great Ads for Citizen Candidates


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