Fake Teaparty are Constitution Busters


Larry Lessig is a Harvard Law Professor who has a theory to get Hillary in the White House by year’s end. He is a founder of the Convention of States Project with Mark Meckler, co-founder of a fake 2009 GOP-run ‘teaparty’ known as Tea Party Patriots.

They, along with other left-wing leaders, co-hosted the September 2011 Harvard University event entitled “Conference on the Constitutional Convention.” Yes, in 2011, Meckler had no problem using the term “constitutional convention” for an Article V Convention as he plotted with liberals.


Meckler is involved with a left-wing entity called “Living Room Conversations” (we recall that the NHTPC was invited to participate) with the likes of Joanne Blades, and Van Jones. Meckler claims his opponents are Soros-backed while he openly works with Joanne Blades, the founder of the Soros funded MOVEON.ORG

If you visit the website of “Living Room Conversations” you will discover that Meckler, co-founder of “Tea Party Patriots” one of the best-known of the fake 2009 teaparties, is on the team with Van Jones, and Joanne Blades.

Here is a link to a recent Camp Constitution interview on the subject.