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Fake Teaparty are Constitution Busters

Tweet Larry Lessig is a Harvard Law Professor who has a theory to get Hillary in the White House by year’s end. He is a founder of the Convention of States Project with Mark Meckler, co-founder of a fake 2009 GOP-run ‘teaparty’ known as Tea Party Patriots. They, along with other left-wing leaders, co-hosted the […]

RTKNH Group Wins Loeb Award

Tweet We are proud to learn that the RTKNH group will be receiving the Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment Award. The award will be presented to the group on October 5, 2017 at the Palace Theater in Manchester, NH. For years, groups such as Coalition of NH Taxpayers and NH Teaparty Coalition have known that […]

Shire Sharing Receives Thank You

Tweet Shire Sharing is NHTPC’s recommended charity for Thanksgiving. They received this letter of thanks for their recent efforts. We are proud to support Shire Sharing. [Click for larger view]

2016 Election – Clarification

Tweet Just to save all you out-of-staters and DC PACs claiming to be a ‘teaparty’ the expense of a long-distance phone call to our hotline, let us answer your question right here. NO, we are not affiliated with the GOP PAC aka ‘Tea Party Patriots’ out of DC. NO, we do not endorse ANY candidate […]

Kris Anne Hall in NH

Tweet Constitutional expert and attorney KrisAnne Hall recently gave these presentations at New Hampshire’s Toah Nipi Retreat Center and at a Rindge GOP meeting. The Constitutional Attorney, Author, Teacher, Host of The KrisAnne Hall Show and founder of Constitutional Education and Consulting will be back in Manchester NH on September 7 and 8 so mark […]

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