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New Information on Article V Scam

Tweet “Publius Huldah” is Attorney Joanna Martin. She exposes the true agenda of the Article V Convention, and we’ve been saying the same thing all along — it is to install a ‘new constitution’ that is socialist in nature. From Joanna: In this new video, I show how the push for an Article V […]

Advice to the GOP

Tweet Editorial NHTPC has editorially kept silent during the Trump presidency after having warned about the consequences of electing a TV reality show star with a questionable history and following in 2015-2016. Keep in mind that the teaparty was formed in 2007 as an independent conservative movement, NOT as a party, and NOT as part […]

Open Letter to Senator Shaheen

Tweet by Russ Payne Open Letter To the Honorable Senator from the State of New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen: Pardon me but : I apologize If any of my letters are perceived as if I believe I have a monopoly on truth. I assure you that I am far from such perfection only possessed by the […]

UN Peace Dove Unmasked – UN Day October 24

Tweet by Russ Payne Open Letter to Congress and their employer, “we the people”, in lead-up to UN Day on October 24, 2019….. Is October 24th, UN Day truly a reason for celebration? Or has there been a cloud of disinformation supporting a giant fraud, on the outside, with an image of world peace that […]

Fake Teaparty are Constitution Busters

Tweet Larry Lessig is a Harvard Law Professor who has a theory to get Hillary in the White House by year’s end. He is a founder of the Convention of States Project with Mark Meckler, co-founder of a fake 2009 GOP-run ‘teaparty’ known as Tea Party Patriots. They, along with other left-wing leaders, co-hosted the […]

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