Bailouts and Takeovers

HR 2346 2009 Supplemental Appropriations Act included an estimated $108 billion contribution to the International Money Fund, something promised by Obama during April’s G-20 meeting.

Contact your representatives and tell them we can have NO MORE bailouts of European banks via the International Monetary Fund.

Carol Shea-Porter – District 1

Paul Hodes – District 2

As you are likely aware, the government has taken over two major car companies and sent trillions of dollars to these private banking cartels, who currently are not subject to any oversight. The taxpayers now own most of both those car companies, and some profitable dealerships were handed over to unprofitable political cronies. More power is being given to the private bankers that run our monetary system to seize any businesses they wish. Our Congress must stand up to these blatant power grabs!

We are being placed under control of a banking dictatorship.