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Just March Them Out

Tweet It was CT Iserbyt who opened our eyes to the two-party perfidy when she exposed what Reagan (merged our educational system with the Soviets) and the Heritage Foundation (crafters of Obamacare!) were really doing. We live in a world full of traitors and fools. So it should not come as a surprise or cause […]

Stop the Merger of the US and EU

Tweet We must act now and urge President Trump to stop any comprehensive trade talks with the European Union (EU). We have seen from past trade negotiations that these large-scale agreements are dangerous because they restrict our nation’s sovereign power to use tariffs to protect our national security and they also provide steppingstones toward a […]

USMCA – Still Bad for America

Tweet More information about why the USMCA trade deal, to replace NAFTA, is not much better and still does not bode well for America. You’ll find this breakdown informative if not distressing. The USMCA “Trade Agreement” Violates our Constitution and Sets up Global Government

USMCA, Article V, and Red Flag Laws!

Tweet USMCA “Trade Agreement”, the North American Union, an Article V convention, and Red Flag Laws: Connecting the dots “The Globalists have long been in the process of setting up a dictatorial and totalitarian oligarchy over the United States. Now they are putting the last pieces in place. That is what is behind the pushes […]

UN Peace Dove Unmasked – UN Day October 24 – Part 2

Tweet by Russ Payne This is second exposure of an enemy of “we the people”, a silent encroachment on our individual liberties by enemies of the United States Constitution, who want it replaced by the United Nations Charter and the UN Covenant of Human Rights to replace our Bill of Rights. ITS AN INSIDE JOB. […]

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