ACORN The Enemy Within

By now you have heard about the numerous scandals surrounding the ‘community organization’ known as ACORN. President Obama cut his teeth on this and related organizations and before he was elected, promised them all a huge say in the formation of policy in an Obama White House.

ACORN was to have a huge part in the 2010 Census and is slated to receive millions under the ‘stimulus’ bill, likely as payback for their support of his candidacy.

However after numerous allegations of voter fraud and improper registration procedures, money laundering, and now aiding and abetting prostitution and tax evasion, ACORN has been cut off from having anything to do with the Census, or so they say.

And now we find their founder Wade Rathke has lamented the fact that one of his former leftist activists intervened in a plot to harm delegates at the Republican Convention.

ACORN receives MILLIONS of YOUR taxpayer dollars. This must stop. The Democrats have dropped plans to do a full investigation on ACORN.

Further, the Patricia Coats Jessamy, the Baltimore City State’s Attorney is trying to punish those who did the recent expose of this group. But according to the law, covert videotaping is illegal only if it is a transmission over the phone, not in person.

“The powers that be decided against it,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr.

Write to your Congressmen and Senators and tell them ACORN must be DEFUNDED and INVESTIGATED NOW.

Big Government website does a great job of exposing all the ACORN videotapes in each state.