New Information on Article V Scam

“Publius Huldah” is Attorney Joanna Martin.

She exposes the true agenda of the Article V Convention, and we’ve been saying the same thing all along — it is to install a ‘new constitution’ that is socialist in nature.

From Joanna:

In this new video, I show how the push for an Article V Convention is the most vicious bait & switch con game of all time. Convention supporters promise that at a convention, we will get amendments to “rein in” the powers and jurisdiction of the federal gov’t. But the real purpose of a convention is to impose a new Constitution.

In addition to the proposed new Constitutions already out there; the National Constitution Center’s Constitution Drafting Project has released three proposed new Constitutions to replace our existing Constitution. You can read the proposed new Constitutions HERE. These proposed Constitutions would transfer massive new powers to the federal gov’t; would legalize the unconstitutional acts which have been going on for 100 years; and bring about a long list of additional horrors. The Progressive Constitution would make abortion, pedophilia & bestiality constitutionally granted rights! And please note: The National Constitution Center is a quasi-official branch of the federal gov’t – its website address is Getting a new Constitution appears to be federal gov’t policy.

It is insane to ask Congress to call an Article V Convention. Do you really want Congress to call a convention where they – Congress – have the power to determine the number and selection process for Delegates? If there is a Convention, we will have handed our enemies the opportunity they need to complete their coup against us!

Look also at the attached Exhibit List: it lists, describes, and links to documents which are original source documents which are the Proof of my words. Here’s a link.

We better stop the push for a Convention in the upcoming year. State Legislators do NOT understand this issue. They don’t look under the surface – accordingly, they are easily deceived. So YOU must be the Hero who learns this issue and turns the lights on for your State Representative and Senator.

Thomas Jefferson said somewhere: “Whoever wants to be ignorant and free, wants what never was and never will be.” [I paraphrased from memory].