Advice to the GOP


NHTPC has editorially kept silent during the Trump presidency after having warned about the consequences of electing a TV reality show star with a questionable history and following in 2015-2016. Keep in mind that the teaparty was formed in 2007 as an independent conservative movement, NOT as a party, and NOT as part of the GOP or any other party, and with the purpose of examining issues and political figures without party bias. Thus we had no preference of candidate in the recent presidential election.

We have been asked these and similar questions and decided to post the answers here.

1. Does your organization have a position on President Trump’s claims that he ‘won by a lot’, but the election was stolen from him because Democrats cheated on a large scale?

We cooperate with the ONLY NH group that tracks and reports many cases of voter fraud in NH, resulting in those fraudsters being prosecuted. However, even if the usual fraud occurred in the presidential election, it was not enough to steal the win from Trump. Trump lost by 8 million votes, so even if several million votes were fraudulent, something which has never been proven, it would not have been enough to change the outcome. Also, the “down ballot”, especially in NH, was won mainly by Republicans. If widespread fraud happened, why weren’t those positions affected?

2. Does your organization have a position on the cause of the Christmas bombing in Nashville?

Judging from the alleged beliefs of the perpetrator, it is quite possible that he espoused conspiracy theories promoted by a group of Trump-supporting extremists (“Q”) that have often caused followers to become violent. It is unfortunate that many of these beliefs have seeped into the Republican party’s mainstream. Some of these rather wild beliefs included the idea that 5G technology causes viruses (5G is dangerous for other reasons but does NOT spread viruses) or that JFK Jr. is actually alive in the body of a man living today and would be named as Trump’s running mate on October 17, 2019, which of course is not true and never happened.

3. Does your organization believe that there is enough evidence of election fraud to prove the claims of a stolen election? If so, which pieces of evidence do you feel are the most substantial?

Judges have ruled against at least 50 lawsuits claiming fraud for lack of evidence, and many Republican governors and election officials have agreed. Many hand-recounts were conducted that produced the same results as the machine counts, or very close, with not enough change to make any difference in the outcome. NH’s national committeeman has confirmed this to be true in NH.

We feel that the continued insistance that Trump ‘won by a lot’ is only going to damage the reputations of those repeating this idea, and the reputation of the GOP as a party, as well as a detriment to its ability to attract strong conservatives to its base. We have already witnessed an exodus from the GOP as a result of the Trump four years, leaving many constitutional conservatives politically homeless.

There is plenty of criticism to go around to all the candidates but we’ve observed both sides being dishonest about their own when it comes to pointing out the flaws of their opponents. We continue to see the “Hegelian Dialectic” in full play and proving to be more effective than ever. For example, Trump, being a lifelong Democrat, certainly knew who Kamala Harris was when he donated $11,000 to her campaign in 2011 and likewise knew who Cory Booker was when his whole family held a fundraiser for the Democrat in 2014. Just slapping an “R” after his name did not change Trump.

In any case, our advice for the GOP is to get off the Trump “crazy train” (and stop acting like liberals) as soon as possible. Trump once told his lawyer that if “I repeat something enough times, people will believe it.” By repeating his idea that he ‘won by a lot’ is NOT a good look for the GOP.

Furthermore, look at the destruction it has caused!

Look at some of the groups responsible for funding the January 6th mayhem. Please note that we are NOT and never have been associated with the fake ‘Tea Party Patriots’ GOP group mentioned in the article.

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