The Definition of Insanity

by Regina Barnes, Hampton

The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over again and expecting different results.

Why is it that NH republicans believe that creating more unconstitutional legislation is the only way to battle the democrats? It never works, but merely makes it more tedious and unaffordable for everyday granite staters to live in the state.

Republicans are supposed to be the party of “less government,” meaning less laws. NH needs to get back to the basics; state government 101, the state constitution. Perhaps the novel idea would be to repeal acts that are found to be repugnant to the state constitution, in other words republicans should stop creating “good” legislation to compete with the “bad.” Whether you agree with it or not, if it is not authorized in the constitution, it must go.

Even some of the NH pro-liberty groups seem encouraged by some of the unconstitutional legislation that is hastily getting passed up in Concord. Let us look at a few bills:

  • HB 1466, relative to the off-label use of prescription drugs and relative to pharmacy prescriptions – this refers to amending RSA 328-D – Physicians Assistance established in 1989. When was this statute authorized by NH state citizens? If it never was, then it is repugnant to our state constitution and should be repealed immediately, these matters should remain between a patient and their doctor.
  • HB 1131, relative to facial covering policies for schools. When were school boards and public education agencies authorized to place mandates on taxpayers’ children?
  • HB 1431, establishing the parental bill of rights. -this refers to RSA 186 and RSA 189, when were the amendments made in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022 to these RSAs authorized by the state citizens of NH?
  • HB 1455, relative to state enforcement of federal vaccination mandates. – The federal government does not have the authority to place these types of mandates on NH. The state has sovereignty as is outlined in both the US and NH constitutions.
  • HB 1604, including state medical facilities in the statute providing medical freedom in immunizations. – When has the state been authorized as health agents?
  • HB 1606, making the state vaccine registry an opt-in program and HB 1608, relative to withdrawal from the state immunization registry – When was a state vaccine registry authorized by state citizens of NH?
  • HB 1099, prohibiting the department of health and human services from requiring vaccine passports for services. When was the department of health and human services authorized by the state citizens of NH? Answer, it never was, the entire department should be repealed, and their current employees should return to the private sector.

We also have a whole lot of housing tyranny that seems to be a bipartisan effort, especially in the NH state senate, specifically SB 400:

  • SB 400 and the current Housing Appeals Board is NOT about local zoning which is voted on by the people of each local government
  • SB 400 grants unelected boards in Concord authority to override locally elected boards at the municipal level
  • SB 400 is the dangerous partnership between government and private business because it gives developers our tax dollars to build low income/high density housing and then rewards them with 10 years of tax-free status, putting the extra burden of new services needed on the single-family homeowners
  • SB400 aligns with the basic goals of Obama/Biden AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act)
  • SB 400 is an attack on single-family home ownership under the guise of ‘equality’, regionalism is communism and something out of the Bolshevik era
  • SB 400 will cause housing prices for single family homes to go UP not down
  • SB 400 is the mark of the ‘new feudalism’
  • SB 400 is an expedited path for developers in the court process
  • SB 400 provides additional levers for attorneys to use against planning boards
  • SB 400 will amend the legal definition of “public use”, item 5 of this section redefines the construction of private houses as public use
  • SB 400 grants more authority to unelected concord bureaucrats
  • SB 400 in conjunction with the already unconstitutional Housing Appeals Board will cause the demise of what is left of state / municipal sovereignty
  • SB 400 grants authority to the Office of Planning and Development to determine preferential access to state resources. How is this fair to rural towns that choose not to urbanize? Shouldn’t all of NH have equal access to state resources? Please vote against this bill to preserve the unity of the state’s rural towns and cities.

The House recently tabled SB 400, but this past Thursday, NH Senator Jeb Bradley attached SB400 to another bill, HB 1661, which funds the new parking garage for the House. These two bills are irrelevant to each other! See how sneaky our elected state representatives can be? Hopefully, the house will see through this and now kill HB 1661.

When was the state senate and house of representatives authorized to regulate workforce housing in NH?

These are the questions we should be asking. Are these acts authorized by the people of NH?

These are the problems we should be solving. If an act made by any branch of government is without the consent of the people, it should be repealed.

To continue creating legislation to combat existing legislation on top of not considering the infringement upon protected rights is insane!

Remember, the following Opinion was Issued on August 28, 2020, by the SUPREME COURT OF NEW HAMPSHIRE:

“Indeed, “[n]o branch of State government can lawfully perform any act which violates the State Constitution.” LaFrance, 124 N.H. at 176. Burt v. Speaker, N.H. House of Representatives, 2020

Time to elect those who will repeal unconstitutional acts made under the color of NH the law. Those who do not understand what that means must learn quickly. The state constitution is what will save the live free or die state, nothing else. Join

Time to elect patriots to the NH state house that will not have a problem repealing all acts that are repugnant to the state constitution.

Time to stop the insanity.