Tea Party Principles

NH Teaparty Coalition Principles

The principles set forth in this document echo the First Principles that were drafted by our Founding Fathers. We believe that tinkering with this wisdom by successive generations has brought about our present calamity. It is our firm intent to restore those principles.

In seeking this goal, we call upon your assistance to join us in our demand that our Constitutional republic be rightfully restored.

We Believe;

1] That all powers not expressly delegated to the Federal government are the sole domain of the states, as set forth by the Founding Fathers in Article 10 of the U. S. Constitution.

2] In fiscal responsibility and the prudent use of public funds.

3] In limited government as envisioned by the Founding Fathers and for the reasons that they stated.

4] In the rule of law and its uniform application at all levels of government and society.

5] In the national sovereignty of the United States, its proper defense and security of her borders.

6] In the personal rights and responsibilities of every U.S. citizen, as expressed by the Founding Fathers.

7] In the free market as the basis of all business conducted within our borders.

8] In the non-interventionist principle expressed by President Thomas Jefferson who said that one of the “essential principles of our government” is that of “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none”.

It is the duty of every U.S. citizen to hold every candidate of every political party to these standards and to vote accordingly.

The individuals who support the tea party movement have agreed to join this Coalition and adhere to these ideas: (we are no longer accepting whole group memberships)

1) The Coalition was formed to demonstrate the wide support for the tea party ‘movement’ from a number of NH individuals who may also belong to other groups of all types. There are no anointed leaders or job titles. Other groups have their own rules and function on their own. Individuals who are members of this Coalition may show support for the general movement and some or any of the issues of their choosing.

2) The Coalition does not endorse candidates but focuses on issues and activism. The eBlast that is sent to people who sign on will never promote candidates or ask for money or contain ads. We do NOT share email addresses with campaigns or any other organization.

3) The Coalition does not accept funds as a Coalition. (Koch conspiracy theorists won’t be happy to hear that fact but it’s a fact.)

4) The Coalition will remain cordial but SEPARATE from all political parties while working on issues of common interest. We have no desire to take over, be overtaken by or merge with any party despite the fact that many of our individual members may be registered with one of these political parties. We also do not seek to form a third party.

5) The Coalition will plans and/or share events of interest as it pertains to the issues. Events may be local, state or national.

6) We proudly display the Gadsden Flag. It is a historical flag that bears no copyright. Therefore, other groups who may use this flag are not necessarily connected to our movement.