Please sign up for our eBlast and at least one local group near you. Choose any group that you feel is doing the work you would like to do and attend their meetings so you can connect with real people.

There is no obligation when you become a member of NHTPC. We will never ask for money or share your information with anyone. We only ask for your time and talent. We don’t work for campaigns or candidates but seek to educate and motivate the masses to activism on the issues.

NHTPC is currently looking for:

Field Directors – This person knows the layout of the NH Statehouse and would be willing to be the point person for rallies in emergencies. CPR does a great job of getting the home schoolers out when needed. We would like to see this during other legislative crises as well.

Researchers – Do research on your computer about one of the following; specific people, issues, NH legislation, federal legislation.

Trackers – Attend meetings and events and file written reports or;

Videographers – Attend meetings and events and file video/audio reports.

– Take information of importance and create compelling pieces for posting on various blogs, and as letters to the editors of various newspapers.

Events Tracker
– Cull events from various sources and post on social media and websites.

Public Speaking – Be willing to be available to speak on radio shows, or to groups about a specific issue with which you have some expertise or familiarity.

Lead a Group – We have had some stellar leaders over the past 6 years. But they can’t be expected to do all the work forever. See about stepping up to lead a group if you find your current leader needs some time to him or herself. No one should carry the burden alone.

Please contact us at if you are interested in helping us with any of the above.