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Declassified Document Shows How US Instigates Regime Change

Tweet Mind-bending exposure of a declassified US document that proves how the Hegelian Dialectic is used on the masses to get them to support war. Direct link:

What’s Cooking in October in the NH Teaparty!

Tweet The 10th Anniversary of the modern-day tea party is coming up on December 16, 2017 ! NHTPC remains an independent movement, not a political party, doesn’t ever take money, and is still going strong. I honor of this anniversary, we are posting this newsletter publicly on our website. We cover real events and work […]

RTKNH Group Wins Loeb Award

Tweet We are proud to learn that the RTKNH group will be receiving the Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment Award. The award will be presented to the group on October 5, 2017 at the Palace Theater in Manchester, NH. For years, groups such as Coalition of NH Taxpayers and NH Teaparty Coalition have known that […]

When Leftists Attack…

Tweet There has been a lot of talk about violence lately after the rally at Charlottesville turned ugly. The left has often accused us, the original tea party, of having a violent past when we have not only had a 100% clean slate here in the state of NH, but have remained cool in the […]

NHTPC Statement on Charlottesville Rally

Tweet NH Teaparty Coalition Statement on Charlottesville Rally NHTPC supports the right of free speech for all, including speech that expresses ideas that are disagreeable to us. That said, NHTPC does not support the speech that recently targeted groups of people heard in the streets of Charlottesville. Similarly we condemn the violence that took place, […]

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