Update on Article V Convention

More from Publius:

This year we helped defeat applications in SD, MT, VA, WY, MD, WV (Convention of States), ND, HI, ME, MN, CT, and LA; other states’ applications died in 2021, but will come back to life in 2022. And there are a few states with applications still pending this year.

In fact, the only new application asking Congress to call an Article V convention (A5C) that passed so far in 2021 was a Term Limits application from West Virginia in March. That wasn’t a big deal, as West Virginia already has several A5C applications on file, and each state can be counted only once toward the requisite 34 states asking Congress to call a convention per Article V. Your letters and calls work!

The great news was that Colorado passed Rescission in April, 2021. Colorado was the fifth blue state since 2016 to rescind all their previously-passed Article V convention applications.

The 2022 legislative season will be a big challenge, and the sessions will start rolling out in January. This year, the Convention of States Project made serious legislative inroads which threaten our Constitution in Nebraska, Wisconsin, and South Carolina. Unfortunately, those applications will be alive and prioritized in 2022.

On top of that, the scheme to declare the next new state (probably South Carolina) No. 34 (by mixing and matching any applications on hand) has intensified. ALEC has taken the lead, sponsoring the First Constitutional Amendments Event on Dec. 1, and the Republicans have joined forces with the Radical Left (Wolf-PAC) to finish the job in 2022. So we need your help now more than ever!

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The following message is from Wynne, Chair of No Convention of States North Carolina (NoCOS-NC):

I thought you might be interested in this D. James Kennedy Ministries video promoting Mark Meckler and the Convention of States movement that a concerned North Carolina friend sent to me. The program was aired on the TCT TV last night (11/28/21). The first segment promoting COS is only 12 minutes long. It’s easy to watch because it’s so brief, and we’re hoping people will complain to D. James Kennedy Ministries at: letters@DJamesKennedy.org

The description says:

“During this week in which we’ve given thanks, we have some news you can be thankful about! Discover a new movement to restore freedom in America—and find out how you can join it–on this week’s Truths That Transform.”

Along with Meckler, it features short statements by evangelicals such as big-time COS promoter, Rick Green.

D. James Kennedy Ministries (now under the leadership of Frank Wright) has a considerable following and influence with evangelicals, so that is why I am passing this along to you. Meckler has always worked with the evangelicals to pull naïve Christians into his orbit.

Please write to D. James Kennedy Ministries and complain about their Thanksgiving program. Let them know that we can lose our Constitution at an Article V Convention! And link or attach a flyer, if you’d like. Flyers can be downloaded from the links:

Declaration of Independence flyer

How to get a new constitution under the pretext of proposing amendments flyer

Brilliant Men warned against an Article V convention flyer

Thank you for defending our Constitution!