Just March Them Out

It was CT Iserbyt who opened our eyes to the two-party perfidy when she exposed what Reagan (merged our educational system with the Soviets) and the Heritage Foundation (crafters of Obamacare!) were really doing. We live in a world full of traitors and fools.

So it should not come as a surprise or cause anyone any more cognitive dissonance to know these things.

For example, all we hear about is how bad it was to withdraw from Afghanistan, something we conservative/libertarians have been advocating for a while (ala Ron Paul). Yes the intel was faulty and they should have evacuated the civilians FIRST, but to hear people screaming about Biden is hypocritical when the facts are, that on February 29, 2020 Trump was the one who signed the agreement with the Taliban, believing they would help fight terrorism!

“The second peace treaty was signed between the U.S. and the Taliban on February 29, 2020, which called for the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan within 14 months if the Taliban upheld the terms of the agreement.”


So let’s blame the “deep state” and the foreign policy handlers, NOT the puppet that is in office at the time. There is blame to go around aplenty. We who are politically mature know there are not ‘two sides’ at the upper levels.

We have lost respect for many so-called ‘conservative’ groups in NH when they 1) supported Trump’s big lie and started featuring crackpots like Mike Lindell and other “QTards” at their events and 2) supported the regionalism grab with their approval and promotion of the Housing Appeals Board.

They are so communist they don’t even know it.