ALERT: Congressional bills HR 4350 and S. 4049 (the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), are heading for a full vote in the House and Senate.

Both the House and Senate bills carry a dangerous amendment to the Military Selective Service Act to require young women to register for the Selective Service System (SSS) Draft. Incredibly, this measure has attracted much bipartisan support.

Proponents of the NDAA/Defense Budget bill argue that the current Selective Service ruling that legally requires only men (males) ages 18 to 25, to registered for the draft is “discriminatory,” and “unconstitutional.” All references to men or males have been stricken in the amended version of the House and Senate bills and replaced with androgynous terms, aka, “persons,” “citizens,” “enlisted members,” etc.

Contact your Congressman and Senators at their district/state offices or their Washington. D.C. offices to express your opposition to any bill/amendment, including H.R. 4350 and S. 4049, that requires women to register for Selective Service. Be exact – NO DRAFT for WOMEN – NOT NOW – NOT TOMORROW – NOT EVER!

House members will be in session on September 20-24; 27-30. Senate members will be in session September 13-15; 20-24, 27-30.