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Stay Awake!

Tweet You may wonder why you don’t hear from us more often. This is because we are busy “community organizing” and “DOING”. Those of you who have been with us (the ‘real’ teaparty) since our founding in 2007 are here because you understood the folly of the right/left paradigm of partisanship, as inspired by our […]

Happy 11th Year of the Original Teaparty Movement!

Tweet December 16, 2018 On this day in 2007, which was also the date of the original Boston Tea Party, a modern liberty movement was founded when patriots all over the country, including their godfather Ron Paul, tossed boxes of ‘tea’ into harbors and lakes to commemorate our constitution and the way it limits our […]

NY Times Racist Article Sparks Outrage

Tweet Imagine how stunned we were to read an article from the NY Times with such a racist-sounding title? The article suggested NH had a “problem” because it is 94% white! It suggests that white people can’t also be subject to loneliness and isolation, which is only natural when one moves to a new location […]

Shaheen Town Hall – First One in Nine Years?

Tweet US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) announced that she is having a public town hall meeting on August 8, 2018. (see announcement below) During the fight against Obamacare in 2009, we could not get Shaheen to hold any public town halls. So about 80 of us constituents descended upon her office in Hampstead during constituent […]

Barney Fife Has a Grenade Launcher

Tweet In the past we have written about how some citizens of NH have fought back against the acquisition of equipment such as MRAPS by cities and towns. But never before have we seen such a comprehensive listing of which type of military gear is going to which states in the US as this 2014 […]

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