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Defiant county official refuses to hand over list of gun owners to newspaper

Tweet In an update to an earlier story, we were pleased to read that Putman County Clerk (New York) Dennis Sant refused to hand over the names of gun owners to the Journal News because he knows they have already endangered thousands of gun owners and non-gun owners alike by printing their locations in Westchester […]

Exploring the Causes and Connections Behind Recent Shootings

Tweet Yes it’s true.. Firearms 80 Times are More Likely to STOP a Crime Than Commit One But you won’t hear about it that often in the mainstream media… For example, it is just coming to light now that this man stopped a mall shooter cold with his concealed handgun. FACT: Guns are used 2.5 […]

Both Parties Fraught With Corruption

Tweet This sickening story of how the Obama campaign stomped on the rights of voters in order to promote their candidate in the Democratic caucuses in 2008 has come to light. According to this WND article, Michele Thomas, a professional photographer in Hollywood, told WND in an exclusive interview that her resistance to the Obama […]

Liberty Tree Society Joins Tea Party Coalition

Tweet We are pleased to announce that among the many new groups who have formed/joined the NHTPC in recent months, one of the very special ones is the Liberty Tree Society of NH. The “Liberty Tree” Society strives to celebrate the central role played by the “Liberty Tree” in America’s past by establishing Liberty Tree […]

True Patriot: Mark Catalano

Tweet In this day and age of narcissistic self-promoters and blatant media-hogs it is worth noting that there are many patriots who are working 24/7 for liberty but about whom you may never hear because they do not wish to call attention to themselves or brag about what they are doing in the press. This […]

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