From Chemtrails to Common Core, The Conway Daily Sun Gets it Right — Almost

In today’s edition of the Conway Daily Sun, you can read all about some of NH’s most ardent anti-government activists.

From chemtrails to Common Core, and even a mention of the beloved Charlotte Iserbyt, Our Lady of the Whistleblowers, the Sun almost gets it right, but errs when they include folks like Harvard Professor Larry Lessig and H. Raymond Losier.

Losier apparently threatened the life of President Obama. We can say with some degree of certainty that he is not a member of our group, and we’ve never heard of him.

Larry Lessig, who marched against the “1%”, is a Harvard liberal who suffers from Koch-conspiracy-itis — blaming Koch big money for everything, when we all know that the money is neither left nor right but fuels both sides (except for this tea party). Lessig is also one of the many progressives who teamed up with the traitorous Tea Party Patriots to bring about an Article V Convention, and viewed as a dire threat to our US Constitution by legit tea partiers.

Also mentioned were our fellow patriots who traveled to the Bundy Ranch, other folks we know who keep an eye on the cops, and those ordinary citizens who know that Monsanto is threatening our food source with genetically modified seeds and food products. Jerry DeLemus mentioned our efforts in fighting Granite State Future, HUD’s ‘sustainability’ program that is all encompassing. Interestingly, it was a teacher and parent who were quoted as being against Common Core.

It’s a never ending job trying to rein in our rogue government, but sometimes it’s even tougher to separate the good guys from the bad.