Mean Tweets

We are surprised to see good conservatives still supporting reality show character Donald Trump and sending around memes about his “mean tweets”.

Characterizing Trump’s Twitter activity as merely “mean tweets” is not a reflection of the beliefs of the conservatives we thought we knew…

Trump was not removed from Twitter for merely posting “mean tweets”. He was removed because he tweeted misogynistic statements against women and many other things that were out of character and inappropriate for a President to say. Keep in mind that 43 women have accused him of abuse or rape which is a worse track record than even Bill Clinton. Secondly he was known for re-tweeting the statements and logos of many well-known white supremacist groups who eventually became violent in Charlotte where a woman was killed. In addition, he also repeated tweets that encouraged his supporters in the crazy “Q” cult, whose believers eventually stormed the capital on January 6 resulting in the deaths of more than five or more people, and almost got Mike Pence hanged from a gallows.

(We are not necessarily a fan of Mike Pence but to think his own president didn’t care about his safety was appalling.) Investigations now show that Trump was begged by his staff and family to make it stop but he refused. And that many of his staff and other members of congress were on the “inside”.

It now being discovered that he and many of his staff were in on the plot to overthrow a legitimate election, making 70 false claims and encouraging the mob to storm the legislature while they were trying to confirm, and even sending fake ‘electors’ to register votes in his name.

Finally we’ve known Trump, lover of authoritarian and murderous dictators, to be a pathological liar since the 1980s and many of his tweets reflected that. Those who keep track say he told more than 30,000 lies in four years. For example he laughed at followers who thought he was serious about locking up Hillary. When leaving office, he announced that he had ‘finished’ the wall, when no such thing was true. Many of his past tweets were hypocritical in that they criticized previous presidents and government officials for the very things he went on to do himself. As a lifelong NYC Democrat, he not only funded people like Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris, but he published Communist propaganda in the major newspapers, much to the delight of his Russian handlers.

We know most of you don’t live on social media like some of us do, but we have seen a lot. For example, we don’t know how the FBI missed the impending violence, because we saw them plotting the J6 event right out in the open on several alternative social media platforms.

Trump wasn’t removed from Twitter because of “mean tweets“. He was removed because he was and still is a dangerous influence on the gullible. So to dismiss his postings in such a way could indicate an indifference to, and even a sanctioning of, all of the misogyny, racism and violence that ensued as result of his influence…