Chris Christie

Not that it will help his failing campaign for the presidency, The New Hampshire Union Leader, once a bastion of conservatism in the Granite State, has endorsed yet another rotten egg for president.

Emmett McGroarty is the executive director of APIA Education and has graded Christie on his educational policies. He assigns Christie an overall grade of D+.

Ending the Common Core System: D+
Protecting State and Local Decision Making: D+
Protecting Child and Family Privacy: D+
Overall Grade: D+

We would have to agree with this assessment. With all the controversy and prevailing facts about the program now exposed, does Christie not yet understand that Common Core cares more about data mining and indoctrination than it does academics, not to mention that it is illegal? Apparently Christie’s constitutional knowledge, and respect thereof, is limited. Does he not understand that it is against federal law for the U.S. government to either create, fund or mandate a national curriculum? The CCSS claims that while it does detail what English and math skills every student needs to know at the end of each grade, it imposes no mandate as to how these standards should be taught. However, first-hand nightmare stories of across-the-board micromanagement of content and teaching methods suggest otherwise. So while Common Core claims it is not an official curriculum, its implementation is done through draconian measures — a de facto mandate. (Individuals on NHTPC’s staff who are teachers also know this first hand, some actually fear being forced out of their jobs for refusing to implement.)

Other reasons that show Governor Christie may be a poor choice are summed up nicely in this Town Hall article.

The New Hampshire Union Leader’s article title reveals that its editorial board has, like so many others, fallen for the “war on terror” meme, an unfortunate mindset that has held so many politicians hostage to the agenda of foreign governments.


On a public forum, Christie was caught describing one of his trips overseas. A pretty shocking revelation considering that he, while ONLY THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE of NEW JERSEY, was receiving frequent briefings from a foreign entity. Since when does a foreign government advise a STATE official?


Seems to us that STATE officials should be taking orders, albeit very few of them, from the federal government, and the rest from their own state government.

Keeping us safe, or selling us out? You be the judge.