Marco Rubio is Wrong on Con Con

Sue Long of Virginia recently had this letter published in USA Today. Senator Rubio was one of the “Gang of Eight” that advocated for open borders and amnesty for illegals.

Sen. Marco Rubio has called for a constitutional convention to draft amendments to balance the federal budget and impose term limits on Congress. Letter to the editor:

Sen. Marco Rubio endorses the Convention of States project, which calls for Congress to convene a constitutional convention on the grounds that we must limit the power in Washington. Actually, this is already done in the Constitution. The only things authorized for the national government to do are carefully listed in the Constitution. The first eight amendments state what the national government cannot do, and the 9th and 10th say that if we didn’t mention it, you can’t do that either.

The problem is not with the Constitution. It is with the legislators who fail to abide by the Constitution and honor their oaths of office. If they don’t honor the Constitution we have now, why think that overnight they would miraculously honor an altered one? The solution is to change the legislators to those who would not exceed their authority.

Please write or call all your NH Senators and ask them to withdraw support for these resolutions: SCR 3 (from the liberal Wolf PAC group) and SCR 4 (from Convention of States group). Please try to attend these hearings before the Senate Committee on these dates:

Bill Title: applying to an Article V convention to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints and limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

SCR4 Hearing: 01/14/2016, Room 103, SH, 01:10 pm; SC1 – Rules, Enrolled Bills and Internal

Bill Title: applying to the United States Congress to convene a limited convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing a free and fair elections amendment to the United States Constitution.

SCR3 Hearing: 01/14/2016, Room 103, SH, 01:25 pm; SC1 – Rules, Enrolled Bills and Internal

More information why the Constitutional Convention is not supported by NHTPC.