Sen. Ted Cruz Take Off Your Goodie Good Two Shoes

by Anita Hoge
Learn about the data mining of Sen. Ted Cruz’s psyche team.

Christians especially and all other American citizens should be fuming. So, let’s get this straight. If you are a conservative and are fearful about the direction of this country, you are “neurotic.” If you are a gun owner, you are “neurotic.” If you fear immigration, you are “neurotic.” Are you confident in your beliefs? Are your fundamental personality traits characterized by anxiety, fear, moodiness, worry, envy, frustration, jealousy, or loneliness? You are “neurotic.”

Cruz had a London-based firm on call to tell him which Iowans were introverted and which were neurotic.”

Demographics are one thing, but are we to assume that the Cruz psych team can do all this legally? Can these amateurs actually analyze our subconscious mind and stuff it into a computer – where it can travel far and wide?

Where does this junk science come from? You got it. Straight from Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, and Carl Jung, the psychotherapy mental psychosis junkies. In Freud’s, The Future of an Illusion, he described believing in God as a collective neurosis: he called it “longing for a father.” Neurosis was a popular term coined by Freud and used by other psychoanalysts. Freud thought if a person believed in a supernatural God, they were neurotic.

So here we have an evangelical Christian politician utilizing atheistic/humanistic theories of psychological fear and feelings, which are being unethically collected and diagnosed by whomever. And upon this faulty foundation he is sorting through personal information about your unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behavior, in order to identify your personality – and especially your motivation so he can get your votes…

Virtually Cruz has set up door-to-door psychotherapy, coffee shop couches, email diagnoses, and psycho phone sessions. Here is how it works. Someone sharing a conversation with you at a coffee shop, or a phone solicitor, or a knock by a pollster at your front door, will diagnose and SCORE your “mental condition” surreptitiously, without your knowledge. So, without a person knowing your background or what you think, and without your permission, a digital psychographic profile is created on you. Meanwhile, back at the ranch the data-mining from other data sources is collected about you – e.g., are you a soccer mom? a working dad? what did you purchase last month? and do you own a gun? Add in your demographics and purchasing habits, including census data, and you begin to realize the full scope of 50,000 separate data points. Big Data is adding up your life and forming a Big Picture ABOUT you…

Sen. Ted Cruz, Take Off Your Goodie-Good Two Shoes