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How about some Tea?

Tweet by Kathy Dunton I get annoyed every time I hear the Tea Party being talked about like they are a bad thing. This time, last year, I began to campaign for a seat on the School Board. I carried with me handfuls of school bus yellow bookmarks with my ‘platform’ and contact information, and […]

Girl Wakes Up, Burns Obama Shirt

Tweet Now if only a few million others would get it as well.

The Sad State of the NH GOP

Tweet We usually don’t waste time talking about the increasingly insignificant mainstream media, but we felt we should comment on this situation. It’s no secret that Republican big-wig Karl Rove has started a PAC to oppose candidates that he feels are too conservative. Many news articles have expounded on Karl Rove’s “war on the tea […]

Peter King Takes on Rand Paul, Ted Cruz With New Anti-Tea Party PAC

Tweet If you thought the prospect of Scott Brown as a candidate was just out of sight, get a load of this. US Rep Peter King (R-NY) has said that he is looking into and considering a run for the presidency in 2016. And he intends to do it on an anti-tea party platform. According […]

Letter to the Editor: The End of Rights?

Tweet Letter to the Editor: The End of Rights? We will soon reach the 222nd anniversary when the 10 Bill of Rights were added as amendments to the US Constitution. That Constitution was ratified only with the assurance to a majority of States that the Bill of Rights would be added. The fear was that […]

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