Peter King Takes on Rand Paul, Ted Cruz With New Anti-Tea Party PAC

If you thought the prospect of Scott Brown as a candidate was just out of sight, get a load of this.

US Rep Peter King (R-NY) has said that he is looking into and considering a run for the presidency in 2016. And he intends to do it on an anti-tea party platform.

According to ABC News, “He will travel to New Hampshire, historically the first state to hold its presidential primaries, to unveil the new PAC. The PAC will be operated out of neighboring Boston, Mass., Newsday reported Friday.

King told ABC News today that the choice of New Hampshire was no accident.

“A lot of debate will be there; much more of an audience is focused on New Hampshire because of the unique role it has,” King said. “In New Hampshire, the debate is carried nationwide.”

King, who said he will also be speaking at a fundraiser for New Hampshire state representatives and meeting with local political leaders, made clear his disdain for the tea party and its champions in the Senate.

You can bet we’ll see to it that this debate about King’s misguided lobbyist-driven foreign policy will be taken nationwide. We won’t let King forget who it was in 2010 that helped the state of New Hampshire take 3/4 of the county seats, 300 out of 400 of the NH House seats, 19/24 of the NH Senate seats and 3/4 of our US Representatives.

And apparently King has forgotten that overwhelming public sentiment (about 90%) was what stopped the US from overreacting on a Syrian false flag event that may have caused us to invade that country. Apparently he never got the memo that even mainstream Republicans agreed.

Or, perhaps he’s forgotten what happened to Rick Perry.

He told the Union Leader that he keeps getting invited back to NH. We can’t imagine by whom, but we’re certain it’s someone with a political death wish.

Bring it on Petey boy…

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