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No Constitutional Convention

Tweet No Constitutional Convention Written By: Neil Rice Life Without Knowledge Is Death in Disguise Mark Levin needs to move to a country like China, or Venezuela, where dictators, and political opponents of the people make new rules on a whim. His advocacy for the Constitutional Convention is opening a can of worms that he […]

The End of Rights

Tweet Letter to the Editor: The End of Rights? We will soon reach the 222nd anniversary when the 10 Bill of Rights were added as amendments to the US Constitution. That Constitution was ratified only with the assurance to a majority of States that the Bill of Rights would be added. The fear was that […]

Why Obamacare’s IPAB Should Be Repealed

Tweet We’ve written about Obama’s IPAB before. This is the board that has earned the nickname ‘death panel’ by many in the media, and referred to as such by those of us opposed to government managed health care. Top Ten Reasons to Repeal Obama’s IPAB Health Care Rationing Board 1. IPAB rations health care The […]

Welcome to the Police State

Tweet As we have seen from many government documents (ex: MIAC REPORT) all it takes to be classified as a ‘terrorist’ is to be caught doing things such as using cash to pay for your coffee, taking photos of historical buildings, supporting the Constitution openly, or homeschooling your children. Seems like the war on terror […]

Happy Halloween Tea Party

Tweet Some humor for you in these dreadful times when foreign interests are controlling our country…

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