US is Dropping Bombs at Unprecedented Levels

by NHTPC Staff

The US Congress has declared no wars, yet we have continued the fighting in at least 7 countries. The US and its allies are dropping bombs at an unprecedented level. Ever notice that while the government continues the same policies across administrations, only half the public complains at any one time?

Bush dropped 70,000 bombs in 5 countries. Obama dropped 100,000 bombs in 7 countries. Trump ramped up campaign of death to unseen levels dropping 44,000 bombs in 1st year alone — 121 a day. US obliterates innocent lives every 12 minutes, in your name, paid for with your tax money!

The US (the government and its allies in the media) instills fear in the masses about terrorism, while our government and its allies themselves use those very radicals abroad as a means to their end, which is regime change. The US just sent $1.3B to one terrorist country alone, a country which still beheads women, marries 9-year olds, and starves children, as well as continuing to send billions to others who spray their subjects with raw sewage and white phosphorus, and test other chemical weapons, upon the defenseless. Some countries are asking for more, even as they continue war crimes and outright genocide; bombing schools, whole towns, wedding parties, killing innocent children, medics and the press.

Many will cry “gun control” every time a child is shot here, but are completely silent when children are harmed abroad. Are we that conditioned to think these are not humans too? It’s always the innocent who suffer for the quarrels among rogue governments.

The US Constitution does not allow for undeclared wars. Our founders warned against interventionism. What’s in it for us to fund these endeavors? These would be good questions to ask your federal candidates.

As constitutional conservatives, we do not favor those who glorify killing, take money from the war lobbies, or from any lobbies for that matter. We challenge both mainstream conservatives and liberals alike to do the same with each of their candidates. This is not a partisan issue; because no matter what party is in power, there always seems to be a continuation of the same policies.