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The Bundy Women Speak Out

Tweet For the first time ever, all the Bundy women speak out, with John B Wells. They ask that ALL the men be remembered, including the ones from other states like NH’s own Jerry DeLemus, who came to help mediate, watch children, etc. Mark Zuckerman (Assistant US Attorney, NH) has attempted to sway a jury […]

New Hampshire Conservatives and the Article V Convention

Tweet New Hampshire Conservatives and the Article V Convention by NHTPC Staff The New Hampshire Senate recently passed two resolutions — SCR 3 and SCR 4 — both calling for an Article V Convention. SCR 3 is sponsored by WolfPAC, an organization that can charitably be called left of center. It was founded by Cenk […]

Husband of State Rep DeLemus in Nevada, Being Tortured in Solitary

Tweet See what the law says in section 23-2.6 and 23-2.7 regarding segregated housing, and and 23-3.5 regarding provision of necessities, where it states: (c) Correctional authorities should provide prisoners, without charge, basic individual hygiene items appropriate for their gender, as well as towels and BEDDING, which should be exchanged or laundered at least weekly. […]

Support for Property Rights in NH

Tweet If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:

Feds Now Murdering People Over Agenda21/2030

Tweet Connecting the dots to Agenda 21/2030 and “rural cleansing”, and the subsequent eradication of the constitutional republic, to be replaced by globalism and one world, centralized rule by banks and corporations. In the past we’ve often had a hard time convincing people who should know better that… 1) Agenda 21/2030 (and the renewed push […]

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