Husband of State Rep DeLemus in Nevada, Being Tortured in Solitary

See what the law says in section 23-2.6 and 23-2.7 regarding segregated housing, and and 23-3.5 regarding provision of necessities, where it states:

(c) Correctional authorities should provide prisoners, without charge, basic individual hygiene items appropriate for their gender, as well as towels and BEDDING, which should be exchanged or laundered at least weekly. Prisoners should also be permitted to purchase hygiene supplies in a commissary.

Jerry DeLemus, after being swatted by the FBI in NH FULLY TWO YEARS after attempting to mediate a protest at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, was transported back to Henderson in that state and placed in solitary confinement. It is reported that he is now being tortured and frozen, by being denied basic covering for sleeping, and has developed high blood pressure as a result of the treatment he is getting.

Is this how our government treats an American who put his life on the line for the oligarchy?


Click for larger view of Trump, Sue, Jerry at a campaign event.

Jerry was presidential candidate Donald J. Trump’s Veterans Coalition Co-Chair for NH. He and his wife State Rep Susan DeLemus promoted Trump everywhere. Now we ask, where is Mr. Trump to help Jerry with this situation?

Trump, who has expressed (as usual) several contradictory versions of his position on the right of the feds to own land, has been asked at least a dozen times to use his much-ballyhooed “deal negotiation” skills to help Jerry. But we have heard not a word from the man.


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