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What’s Cooking in October in the NH Teaparty!

Tweet The 10th Anniversary of the modern-day tea party is coming up on December 16, 2017 ! NHTPC remains an independent movement, not a political party, doesn’t ever take money, and is still going strong. I honor of this anniversary, we are posting this newsletter publicly on our website. We cover real events and work […]

What are the Goals of Agenda 2030?

Tweet AGENDA 2030 IS THE CONTINUATION OF AGENDA 21 Today it is easy to debunk the accusation that Agenda 21/2030 is a “conspiracy theory” by simply following its advocates as they post their intentions to social media. Witness statements from the UN’s grand pooh-bah of its ECOSOC group as to what that organization has laid […]

Urge Council to Vote NO on Funding Planned Parenthood

Tweet Planned Parenthood has plenty of its own money, which it uses to lobby for more money from the taxpayers. There is no need for taxpayers to support a private group that chops up aborted babies and sells their parts. Please join us for a Rally to urge Executive Council to vote NO to retroactive […]

Rep. Guinta Defends First Amendment Rights

Tweet We must give credit where credit is due. US Congressman Frank Guinta, (R-NH) has sent a letter defending the rights of Jerry DeLemus (and indeed, all Americans) after Jerry’s arrest in the Bundy Ranch affair. Jerry is accused of being a mid-level organizer, recruiter and trainer of armed Bundy backers. They were involved in […]

Abuse of Political Prisoners Must Stop

Tweet As you watch this video below, keep in mind the smear from Asst US Attorney Zuckerman who claimed that Jerry was a “threat to the community”. That was a clear attempt to sway a jury. If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link: As you may have […]

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