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Beware of Groups Soliciting Money in Election Years

Tweet REMINDER FOR AN ELECTION YEAR We regret to inform you that we are once again getting reports about various PACs and other nefarious partisan groups from out of state, particularly DC and NY, who are using the ‘teaparty’ name, soliciting funds from OUR members, either to benefit themselves, or for supposed disbursement to an […]

Justice for Lavoy

Tweet It’s come to this. Rioters who burn and destroy property and attack innocent civilians are dismissed as expressing free speech. But peaceful protesters, legally stationed on public land that was paid for with your tax dollars, whose only goal is to call attention to illegal government actions against them, are being called ‘terrorists’ and […]

The NH Tea Party Does NOT Endorse Ted Cruz

Tweet Once again we are getting calls asking about our ‘event’ for Ted Cruz. There is no tea party event for Ted Cruz. The legitimate tea party does NOT endorse candidates, is not part of the GOP or any other political party, and thus we certainly do NOT endorse Ted Cruz. The event in question […]

The First Shot Has Been Fired

Tweet The first shot in the revolution has been fired, but it wasn’t by constitutionalists. The FBI apparently rejected an offer to end the dispute peacefully. Seems like they were looking for violence. And they got it. Our sources on the ground in Oregon have reported that rancher, Mormon, and foster parent of 11 children […]


Tweet HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY TEA PARTY MOVEMENT! On December 16, 2007 the first tea party was held when small groups of liberty activists tossed boxes of ‘tea’ emblazoned with issues in harbors and lakes all across America. NH and Mass activists came together and held a joint rally at Boston’s Faneuil Hall where many liberty […]

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