It’s Not About Turtles But the Selling of America


While most of the country entertains itself with rock music, football, and reality shows, our American lands are being sold to the highest bidder. Those hard workers who produce our meat and vegetables are being oppressed, deprived of land and water rights.

As you may already know, a NH resident has been arrested and slapped with some pretty serious charges for his involvement with the property rights protests in Oregon and Nevada.

Jerry DeLemus, a veteran of the US Marine Corps and founder of the Rochester 912 group, apparently had traveled to Oregon, unarmed, with the idea he would try to mediate a peaceful ending to the situation. His well-publicized plan was to get the protesters to leave the Malheur “National” Wildlife Refuge before any harm could be done to them.

It did not end well however, when a man was shot in cold blood by an Oregon state trooper, while running away, hands in the air. It is amazing no one else was killed, as the car they were riding in was shot up like a piece of swiss cheese.

The morning of March 3rd, a SWAT team charged into Jerry’s Rochester, NH home and in the presence of his wife Rep. Susan DeLemus, arrested him, slapping him with some pretty dubious charges including “extortion, threats of violence, assault,” and more. (We have seen the charges but will not be posting them here.)

As Jerry had previously stated to WMUR and other “news” outlets, he was heading to Burns, Oregon to try bring about a peaceful end to the protest at the national wildlife refuge headquarters where Ammon Bundy was hoping to call attention to the plight of rancher Hammond and his family. He had made sure to let the FBI know what he was doing ahead of his trip.

“I know a lot of the players involved, most of the leadership,” Jerry said, “and my hope is to see if I can get this thing to unwind so that everyone can go home peacefully. They made their point and have gotten a lot of press out of it.

I don’t know what more there is to gain, and I don’t want to see anybody get hurt,” DeLemus said. “I know all those guys. I’ll talk to them and hear what they have to say and see what transpires.”

Jerry said he wanted to make clear, “I’m not going out there to join up with them or to continue the standoff at the refuge. I don’t think it’s the correct avenue to go. But I couldn’t in good conscience sit at home knowing these people and thinking that there is a possibility that I could help to end this thing.

If someone got hurt, I’d never forgive myself.

I’m just asking for prayers,” DeLemus added. “Pray that it ends peacefully. That’s the most important thing.”

What you are NOT reading in any news outlet is that in fact, Jerry had offered to work with the FBI to achieve a peaceful ending. The FBI refused.

This hardly sounds like a man intent on violence.

As we reported previously, Jerry had told us that he agreed to meet with the FBI when asked back in February, but was “stood up” by them, twice. We suspected that this might be an attempt at an arrest, and Jerry agreed that while it might be, said he was prepared for it and would have gone willingly. This apparently was not going to satisfy the FBI and proof that this tactical nonsense was all for show and propaganda purposes.

Now that the government has arrested him, they are charging him with some pretty bogus-sounding crimes such as “massive assault” on law enforcement, when no assault of any kind ever took place in either Nevada or Oregon. Assistant US Attorney of NH Mark Zuckerman made the specious comment that Jerry is currently a “danger to the community”. This of course can be easily debunked by the many people who know Jerry and is the kind of far-fetched stuff that will NOT help improve the already tarnished image of a government that is viewed as overreaching and “out for blood”. These charges and statements seem to have been well-crafted for the sole purpose of influencing the public, and perhaps a potential jury.

Here is what the Nevada government website says about the 14 who were arrested March 3.

“These indictments and subsequent arrests send an irrefutable message to the American people that our determination remains steadfast to protect them and pursue individuals who participate in violent acts of this nature,” said Special Agent in Charge Bucheit.

Note the part about “sending a message”? That’s exactly what this was about, nothing more. Not one person we know has ever felt threatened by Jerry. Certainly no citizen had anything to fear from the ranchers who were fighting for their livelihoods. As we said, Jerry could easily have been taken in when he went to meet with the FBI last month, and told us he would have gone willingly if that had been their goal. Instead, they preferred the drama and publicity that a full-gear, door-busting, tactical-style raid would bring them. Maybe they thought this drama would bring some credibility to the charges?

After reviewing videos of Nevada, you too will see that there was no “assault” on anyone, and not one federal agent was touched, let alone harmed. 

Our message to “Special Agent Bucheit” is that the American people do not need the government to protect us from ranchers who never posed a threat to anyone, or from law-abiding non-violent people like Jerry DeLemus. Likewise, the idea that Jerry could have ever threatened violence while in Nevada or Oregon, or would now be a “danger to the community” as stated by Zuckerman in the Concord Monitor, is simply ludicrous. We know of no instance where Jerry has ever threatened violence against anyone, for any reason, and can’t see that this has changed now.

We agree with Rep. John Burt who told the Concord Monitor that he thought the FBI drummed up a slew of charges hoping one would maybe “stick.” It will be interesting to see how they prove these charges of “assault” which never happened.


We’ve seen comments on social media where people have swallowed the idea that the government is only trying to “protect” the land for the public. Just the opposite is true.

What many of these people don’t know is that it is the government who is stealing your “public lands” in order to sell them to the highest bidder. Whether it’s for mineral rights to “private” corporations and foreign countries like Russia, or to China for the construction of solar farms, they are probably forced to because they have put America in so much debt. Grazing cattle is not harming the land and is a renewable use. Clear cutting, mountaintop mining and blasting, degrading waterways, selling water to foreign companies while depriving Americans of it for their crops, and burning cattle alive — these are all things OUR GOVERNMENT is currently doing.

It is clear that the general public simply does not understand that it is NOT ranchers who are willing to sell out to mining or water companies.

The Clintons have been accused of brokering mineral rights deals with Russia for the lands in question in Oregon.

In Nevada, Harry Reid and his son were said to have been brokering a deal with China for a solar energy farm. This deal eventually fell through, however the lands are also rich with minerals, so who knows what other deals may be in the works?

Additionally, land is often set aside and put under the control of the United Nations as a “World Heritage Site” (you may have seen signs pointing to these sites along the highways). The UN has declared that these lands are no longer exclusively ours…

Per the UN’s website:

“What makes the concept of World Heritage exceptional is its universal application. World Heritage sites belong to all the peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located.”

Here is what constitutional lawyer KrisAnn Hall had to say about government practice of selling our lands to foreigners:

The only thing we can do now is educate the public to the fact that the government isn’t trying to save the turtles.

Here is another journalist that was present who can attest to the fact that NO ONE was threatened at Nevada.

Our belief is the charges against Jerry DeLemus are completely bogus and the statement by Atty Zuckerman that he is a “danger to the community” is libelous and intended to sway the public and a jury.

Pray that Jerry’s jurors know about nullification.

UPDATE: We are being told that Jerry Delemus will have his detention hearing at the Federal Courthouse on 55 Pleasant St., Concord at 2:30 PM Monday March 7. If you attend, NO METAL and dress in casual or business attire.

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