Losing Control on the Internet

Tweet The FCC takes control over the internet to the chagrin of most who understand the technology to be a totally private, market-based phenomenon and not subject to regulation as a “public utility” – FCC Democrats Seize Control of Internet – Pass Net Neutrality Enter George Soros and his minions at the Free Press and […]

NC Governor Suggests Suspending Elections

Tweet And she was serious. Governor Bev Purdue of North Carolina, a Democrat suggested suspending elections for Congress until the country’s problems are solved. She was dead serious… “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, […]

About Those Hijackers at “Tea Party Nation”

Tweet Everyone who has ever been to this website has probably read the history of the tea party movement which started in 2007. Other groups and people came along in 2009, many of them GOP PACs or consultants, and hijacked the movement’s name, claiming to be founders or national leaders, much to the chagrin of […]

Latino Group Claims There Will be an Aztlán War in Next Five Years

Tweet This article at the Examiner was pulled but not before it spread to other internet sites. We took a screen shot of it. Click on the graphic for a larger view…

Perry Lies About Support for Tarp

Tweet Did Rick Perry lie to Rebekah Maxwell about his support of TARP? We think so. Rick Perry on Tarp – Click to Listen

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