Losing Control on the Internet

The FCC takes control over the internet to the chagrin of most who understand the technology to be a totally private, market-based phenomenon and not subject to regulation as a “public utility” – FCC Democrats Seize Control of Internet – Pass Net Neutrality

Enter George Soros and his minions at the Free Press and other Soros-related groups who also had influence in this process.

FCC Colluded with George Soros for Government Regulation of Internet

We are of the mind that the FCC has no authority over the medium in the first place. It would be akin to forcing FedEx and UPS to treat all packages the same way the U.S. Postal Service does.

At the same time Soros was in Bretton Woods in April of 2011 scheming to bring down capitalism with his monetary conference at Bretton Woods — just down the road in Boston, a Soros-funded media conference with 350 left-wingers from a variety of organizations were gathered for the National Conference for Media Reform.

Enter the UN who is already is holding forums on how further to police and govern the internet for social justice, their way — including the guarantee of internet access as a HUMAN RIGHT.

So now you have Soros and his minions and many Soros-funded groups along with the UN colluding with the FCC, which now regulates the Internet. What could go wrong?

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