About Those Hijackers at “Tea Party Nation”

Everyone who has ever been to this website has probably read the history of the tea party movement which started in 2007.

Other groups and people came along in 2009, many of them GOP PACs or consultants, and hijacked the movement’s name, claiming to be founders or national leaders, much to the chagrin of the people in the real grassroots movement.

A few months ago, we saw Amy Kremer of Sal Russo’s Tea Party Express Bus (a GOP PAC) tell the public that the tea parties, all of them, would accept Mitt Romney as the nominee. Last month, TPE came to NH and featured Romney. NHTPC and it’s supporting groups have NO affiliation with TPE.

Now we have Judson Phillips, someone who was not even around in 2007, claiming that his group Tea Party Nation, will endorse Newt Gingrich.

Let it be known that the ‘real’ tea party Koch-free grassroots movement would never consider endorsing, let alone some modern-day Orwellian like the Newt.

Groups like TPE, TPP, and TPN are just not legit grassroots and the media should not be looking at them as ‘leaders’ because frankly, we do not.

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