Rick Perry – Record vs Rhetoric

Tweet Interesting video on the situation in Texas…

New Big Brother Site “Attack Watch”

Tweet Obama has launched yet another website to keep tabs on all of you who don’t fall into line and stop talking about him. Be sure to turn in the little old lady next door when she fails to recycle… Hah. It’s called ‘Attack Watch’ and it’s real… This parody is an indication of how […]

Marxist “Day of Rage” Funded by Your Tax Dollars

Tweet Many of you never even heard about the union riots where 500 union members stormed a port, destroyed property, and TOOK HOSTAGES… Apparently the media could not report it because they were too busy speculating on “tea party violence” which has never materialized. On September 17, Marxists have planned a ‘Day of Rage’ fueled […]

Rick Perry’s Open Borders Speech

Tweet For those who doubt NAFTA exists or that it doesn’t force us into the integration of the three countries… * here is a speech Perry gave to the Border Summit. Relevant portions are bolded. Gov. Rick Perry’s Remarks to the Border Summit Wednesday, August 22, 2001 • Speech Thank you Senator Lucio. President Nevarez, […]

Barrington/Lee/Madbury Tea Party to Meet

Tweet The newly formed Barrington/Lee/Madbury Tea Party will meet on Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 7:00 PM at Dante’s Pasta and Vino on Rt. 125 Barrington, NH. 03825 This is a new tea party group… and a member in good standing of NHTPC. if you live in this area please support them!

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