True Patriot: Mark Catalano

In this day and age of narcissistic self-promoters and blatant media-hogs it is worth noting that there are many patriots who are working 24/7 for liberty but about whom you may never hear because they do not wish to call attention to themselves or brag about what they are doing in the press. This fact has inspired us to do a series of articles on ‘true patriots’. This is the first of the series. If you have a ‘true patriot’ you’d like us to highlight in the future, please email with the details.

True Patriot: Mark Catalano

If you are ever up in Twin Mountain NH please stop by Catalano’s Pizzeria on Rte 302 and take advantage of the most delicious Italian subs, pizzas, calzones and Italian ‘ice’ concoctions one could imagine!

And don’t forget to thank the owner, Mark Catalano, for helping us bring the evil dealings of George Soros to light when Soros brought his circus to Bretton Woods.

You’ll notice the Gadsden flag flying proudly from the porch of his establishment. Mark also owns the Irving Gas Station down the road, which we noticed had prices for regular that were fully 12 cents cheaper than any place in North Conway or even the next nearest town. When all others were gouging for the holidays, Catalano’s prices remained stable.

Mark is an example of a ‘true patriot’ working quietly 24/7 without self-aggrandizement, for the liberty movement.

While visiting Mark on one of our liberty tours, we had the pleasure of sampling one the best pizzas we have ever had, which consisted of a light crust liberally topped with fresh mozarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil. YUM!

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