Liberty Tree Society Joins Tea Party Coalition

We are pleased to announce that among the many new groups who have formed/joined the NHTPC in recent months, one of the very special ones is the Liberty Tree Society of NH.

The “Liberty Tree” Society strives to celebrate the central role played by the “Liberty Tree” in America’s past by establishing Liberty Tree Memorials in towns and cities across America. The Society has created a pin to commemorate the Liberty Tree Flag and the Sons of Liberty without whose vision and courage we might not enjoy the freedom we know today.

When you join the “Liberty Tree” Society you will receive your personal “Liberty Tree” Memorial which includes a (3) or (6) ft American Liberty Elm ready for planting, a personalized plaque telling the dramatic story of the “Liberty Tree”, a membership certificate and Liberty Tree flag pin.

Membership dues and proceeds from Liberty Tree Flag pins will go toward funding Liberty Tree Memorials for public planting. Nearly 500 Liberty Tree Memorials have been established in cities and school yards across America with a goal for 1,000 in 2012.

Please see their brochure for ideas on where to plant liberty trees!

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