Rep. Guinta Defends First Amendment Rights

We must give credit where credit is due.

US Congressman Frank Guinta, (R-NH) has sent a letter defending the rights of Jerry DeLemus (and indeed, all Americans) after Jerry’s arrest in the Bundy Ranch affair.

Jerry is accused of being a mid-level organizer, recruiter and trainer of armed Bundy backers. They were involved in an armed confrontation that stopped federal agents from gathering cows near the Bundy ranch two years ago.

Trouble is, most of the accusation is, as everyone knows, untrue. Seems the feds got confused when they charged Jerry, because they forgot one little detail — Jerry wasn’t even there for the so-called “standoff”, in which ranchers merely stood firmly on their horses in order to stop the Bureau of Land Management Agents from burning their cows alive and/or starving them by separating calves from their mothers.

Not a shot was fired by anyone and not one federal agent was harmed.

The government waited two full years after the incident to arrest Jerry, even after Jerry had offered to help them mediate in the protest situation at the Malheur Wildlfe Refuge in Oregon, where state and federal agents later murdered Robert Finicum, a protester, in cold blood, as he was driving along a road to attend a meeting.

It’s the government, NOT JERRY and people like him, that is conspiring against ‘we the people’ and who are a clear ‘danger to the community’ at this point.

Thank you Rep. Guinta for standing up for first amendment and property rights.

According to WMUR’s report, the trial’s start date in Las Vegas has been rescheduled to begin on Feb. 6, 2017, which could mean a longtime spent in jail for Bundy, DeLemus and the other defendants who could each get the equivalent of life in prison if found guilty on all charges.

Life in prison — for protesting? Let that sink in for moment folks. What are you going to do about this?

Videos of the murdered man, Robert Lavoy Finicum. Here again, there was no ‘standoff’. The feds merely forced him out of his car, and shot him in cold blood while his hands were raised.