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Common Core Press Conference 2/6/2014

Tweet Here is a very important press conference regarding Common Core in New Hampshire. Parents and taxpayers are adamantly opposed to this top down and unarguably UNCONSTITUTIONAL program that came from NGOs and education industry consultants and which employs fuzzy methods and questionable political content. More resources: NH Families for Education Education Matters Math Wizards

Bloomberg Leads New Hampshire Dems Around on a Leash

Tweet NH Democrats are being led around by the nose by outside groups from NY and Connecticut, ignoring the will of the NH people and the NH and US Constitutions. From GO-NH we learn… If you ever had any doubt that New Hampshire House Democrats were wholly-owned puppets of New York liberals, Tuesday’s events should […]

Shaheen Continues to Avoid Public Questioning

Tweet We suppose there’s no point in having an in person town hall since whenever US Senator Jeanne Shaheen from NH is confronted in person she often dances around the question or out and out lies about it. This coming Tuesday, February 4th at 6:00 PM I’ll be hosting my first telephone town hall of […]

Are You Unwittingly Supporting Pro-Amnesty Groups?

Tweet We’ll bet that very few tea party animals, constitutionalists, or believers in sovereignty for our nation are for in-state tuition for illegals, or amnesty for illegals. But, an in-state tuition bill was just passed by the NH House… “The House voted 188-155 Wednesday to allow students who entered the country illegally to receive in-state […]

Shame on YOU Ed Butler!

Tweet Our second amendment rights are being subject to lies and attacks by this man. This is the guy, Rep Ed Butler (D), who is the Chairman of the NH House Commerce and Consumer Affairs committee who appointed himself the keeper of HB 1589 when an overwhelming (30-1 ratio) testified against it and recommended to […]

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