Feeding the Beast – Kuster Says “F-You”

How unfortunate that the voters in NH’s second congressional district chose to elect someone who has avoided meeting with her constituents for the last two years and who speaks with forked tongue.

“Tonight, you proved New Hampshire is not for sale,” Kuster said in her victory speech.

We cannot imagine who she was talking about that was “for sale”, but we have an idea. Turns out it was her. According to OpenSecrets.org, she outspent Garcia 3-1 and took most of her money from unions, lawyers, wall street and BIG OIL, with almost $1M from out of state, second only to Queen of Mean, Jeanne Shaheen (D – Party of the Rich). Yes Big Oil is what funds these environmental groups that donate to Democrats. They are the ones perpetuating the climate hoax. (Example: Oilmen of the Rockefeller Bros funds 350.org)

“Kuster said she will advocate for equal pay for equal work, support veterans, make college safer and more affordable, and protect Medicare and Social Security.”

As far as we know these are not things that are even a purview of government. When one looks at her donations, one can come to the conclusion that by voting for her, one is merely enabling government to continue funding itself.

Continuing her speech, Kuster goes on to grossly contradict herself.

“Let this be very, very clear. We hold our motto, ‘Live free or die,’ very dearly,” Kuster said. “We don’t need the government to make our personal life choices for us.”

We guess the voters who elected this woman don’t have the IQ to note these contradictions and lies. We have seen accusations that Garcia was ‘tea party’ and that she took ‘Koch Bros.’ money. Perhaps if Garcia DID have ‘Koch Bros’ money and the tea party had had some involvement with her campaign regarding money (they didn’t), Garcia may have won. And that would have been wrong, why?

Hypocrite Kuster’s constituents will apparently have to look forward to another two years of being ignored.

When she said “F-You” she meant it.